A Closer Look at Online Faxing

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It is a known fact that some agencies do not accept documents that are sent over the email. Instead, they tend to stick with traditional document sending methods such as faxes over newer technologies such as Google fax. If you are working or sending documents to an organization that does not accept mailed documents, you can fax them from your computer.

How Fax Machines Work

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Fax machines employ a relatively old telephone technology where documents are sent via telephone lines. Thus, when you want to send a document via fax machine, the device places a call to the recipient’s fax machines. Once the recipient’s fax number answers, the document is transmitted via the telephone.

Fax technologies were invented before the Internet age. As such, most millennials do not know how these appliances work. And those that have used them before find them to be somewhat inconveniencing compared to what online document sending options such as the email have to offer.

Why Some Business Use Fax Machines

Despite being a reasonably old technology, you might wonder why some people are not ready to ditch fax machines in favor of other better technologies. One reason why fax machines are still present in some offices is because people perceive them to be more secure than other methods of sending documents.

Online Faxing

Since some businesses have stood their ground as far as faxing is concerned, this does not mean that you also need to use those old fax machines. Thanks to email faxing, you can now send and receive faxes on your email address. Google fax, for instance, can a practical faxing solution as sending faxes via the internet is concerned.

One of the main benefits of sending or receiving faxes via the internet is the convenience and flexibility it offers. Here are some fundamentals of faxing via email.

  • email faxDocument Scanning: If you have a document that you need to fax, you should start by scanning the document. But if you have thedocument on your computer, you do not have to go this process.
  • Sending a Fax: You need to have an email account to send a fax and get a fax number from an email service provider. From there, you only need to fax to document by adding it as an attachment to the email you are sending.
  • Receiving Faxes: You need an email fax service to receive faxes on your mail. This service number serves a dedicated phone number for your fax line.